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“Aptitude Test”: This test measures your skill level in specific areas. This type of test is best used as a hiring tool for employment or a skill/knowledge testing tool. An aptitude test can tell your employer how much knowledge you have about a specific area in order for them to place you in the workplace.

Many online tests are mislabeled as “aptitude tests” when they are actually more in line with Interest Tests or Questionnaires asking you the types of jobs or tasks you like better than others.

Style of Aptitude Tests

Most of them are multiple-choice questions and answers designed to uncover your knowledge on a specific task or skill.

Aptitude test for a scientist, physicist, or mathematician
example question:

1. If a subatomic particle was orbiting another particle @ approximately 27.4 miles/second, this speed is how many miles per hour?

Appropriate Test Taker

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A person seeking to test their knowledge or skill in a job or career field.

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Aptitude tests will test your skill and knowledge about a specific job or career. There are hundreds of aptitude tests including tests for office assistance, typing, computer programming, engineering, math, English, foreign languages, banking, financial sector, and many more. If a job requires skill, an aptitude test can be created to test that skill.

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An aptitude test is not helpful when trying to choose a career that is a good fit for you. If finding your perfect career is your goal, the results of an aptitude test could limit your exploration by focusing on the skills and aptitudes you currently have.

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Aptitude Test vs. The Career Test by CareerFitter

While Aptitude Tests are helpful to test your skills, they will not tell you what career is a good fit for you. Just because you have knowledge or training in a certain career field does not guarantee this career will bring you joy and fulfillment. “Just because you can do something, doesn’t necessarily mean you should.” For example, if you have extensive training in computer technology but you are miserable in that line of work, an aptitude test will not measure your level of job satisfaction.

Careerfitter, however, shows you insight into your work personality and the careers and jobs that are the best fit for your personality in a working environment. Careerfitter uses scientific research to generate a list of careers in the full report that fits your work personality.

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