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An intelligence test (also known as IQ Test) is designed to measure your innate intellectual ability. This type of test is not intended to measure what you may know or have learned in school, but rather, what your intellectual potential holds.

Legitimate intelligence tests can only be administered by licensed professionals who have been trained in the test administration, scoring, and interpretation. They take several hours to administer and are often somewhat expensive. They measure areas such as nonverbal reasoning, logic, problem-solving, and so forth.


Most Intelligence Tests are multiple-choice and are timed.

Sample IQ Test Question:

A chicken was cooked in an electric oven at 395° F in the oven for 3 hours. The internal temperature of the chicken rose from 31° F to 195° F. What was the average rise in temperature per hour?

1. 40.3
2. 44.1
3. 66.33
4. 42

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Appropriate Test Taker

A person seeking to know more about their intellectual potential.


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Generally, Intelligence tests are best used to determine what educational path would be a good choice for the intellectual ability you have. They might also be helpful in determining viable career paths for your ability based on the difficulty of school and training that will be required.

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While efforts are made to create test items that do not factor in education or culture, some still argue that these tests are biased toward well-educated people from the mainstream Western Culture, which may influence the results. There have been several tests created specifically to assess intelligence in a culture fair method, however, none of them have yet gained the recognition and acceptance of the Wechsler or the Stanford-Binet.

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The most widely recognized Intelligence tests are the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale and the Stanford-Binet Intelligence Scales.


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Personality Test vs. The Career Test by CareerFitter

The IQ Test will not offer much help in determining the best career for you. However, it may help you determine if you have the intellectual ability to pursue a career that requires a higher intelligence.

CareerFitter will help you determine the careers that are best for you. A legitimate Intelligence Test could work in conjunction with a career test to help you narrow your career options. For example, if higher education careers like Physicist, Doctor, or Nuclear Scientist are on your full career test report but you score lower on an IQ test, it may be more difficult to get into the graduate school required to complete the necessary degree. You may want a career that better fits your natural intellectual abilities.

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