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“Personality Tests”: Generalized personality tests attempt to identify your personality profile. Some personality tests make recommendations about jobs that might fit you based on your profile.





Sample Personality Test Question:

You are at a party on a large boat having an engaging conversation and you discover you are on the wrong boat and this is not your party. However, they have already left the dock, would you:

A. Laugh it off, have 1 drink while you finish your conversation and then discuss your situation with the host of the party.

B. Abruptly excuse yourself and quietly discuss it with the captain of the vessel to be returned to the dock.

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Appropriate Test Taker

A person seeking to know more about their general personality. This type of test is often used for many functions from dating sites to social clubs, corporate retreats, as well as entertainment purposes. 

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Personality Tests will help you gain a greater understanding of your personality in general. They can give you insight int how you relate to family and friends better.


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As with tests of this type, the accuracy is dependent on the examinee’s ability to be self-aware. These assessments do not differentiate your personality at work from your personality in your free time. The results you get combine both personalities into one personality type.


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Personality Test vs. The Career Test by CareerFitter

While the Personality Tests are entertaining and may help to offer insight into your general personality they are not as career-centric as CareerFitter.

Most people behave differently at work than they do in their free time. Therefore, it is best when choosing a career to use a more specialized test. This is why Careerfitter was created.

Careerfitter was designed to go deeper into your work personality and help connect you with your personality at work. The full career test report discusses your management style and connects you with careers and jobs that are the best fit for your work personality.

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