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The Career Test by CareerFitter

Discover the list of careers that fit you best.

Your personality strengths

Highest paying careers that fit you

Jobs that give you satisfaction

Find your purpose

Using Science to help you discover your perfect job

CareerFitter is a career personality test designed by psychologists using scientific research to uncover your personality in a work environment and find the list of careers that fit you best.


Trusted by

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around the world for over 20 years.

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Science-based (career) personality Report

The proven questions in this career test calculate your list of careers and a 10-page career report with details about your personality when you are on the job.

Learn more about the Free Career Test and Full Career Report

It’s not magic. It’s science.

Work Personality vs. Play Personality

a person has two personalities when working and not working

Most of us are different people when we are working and when we are at play. The CareerFitter assessment analyzes your work personality.

Why do students need to take our career test?

Understanding your work personality and finding the careers that fit you best can prevent years of wasted education, debt, and time lost in an unfulfilling job.

We want to help you pursue the degree and a job that brings you energy and joy.

What career is best for me?

a personality is complex

CareerFitter helps you unlock your best career path and optimal income potential.

CareerFitter vs. other types of career tests, assessments, and career quizzes.


represents a persons work personality seen in a career test

Work Personality | Career Test
Designed to specifically help you identify careers and jobs that are your best choice based on your unique personality in a work environment.

Desires test image organizing thoughtsDesires or Interest Test | Motivational Test
Designed to help you organize your thoughts about career fields you may like.

persons face with aptitude test in middleAptitude Tests
Designed to measure skill levels in specific jobs. This is used by employers to place employees into the job positions that fit the skills they already have.

represent a personality testPersonality Tests
Designed to help give you insight into your general personality in the world – not work personality.

representing an IQ testIQ Test
Designed to measure your intellectual abilities to help you determine what educational opportunities and goals might be a fit for you.

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