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The CareerFitter Career Test has assessed your work personality using scientific studies and social science research developed in the United States of America.

Your Work Personality
| Summary

Your career test reveals your personality values a high degree of dependability and accountability at work. You may have used the expression “if you want something done right, you do it yourself”.  You take your work very seriously and are very dedicated to completing tasks.

Because the assessment determined your work personality type is associated with strong leadership and organizational skills, you are well suited for upper management positions like executive, manager, or director.

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Your Strengths

  • You are a very strong proponent of abiding by the rules of the workplace. 
  • You have excellent organizational skills. You like to be thorough and well prepared for your work assignments.
  • Those who work with you quickly learn you can be counted on to meet your commitments and deadlines. 
  • You are good at conquering detail-oriented tasks and material that others often find challenging.
  • When you are working on a project that you find interesting, you have excellent concentration and focus.
  • You seek precision and accuracy.
  • You are often positively described at work as:
    Trustworthy, Logical, Practical, Orderly, Dependable
  • Organizations seeking trustworthy leadership with a focus on excellence will benefit from your work personality.

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Your Potential Weakness

You are highly devoted to your area of interests and responsibilities. However, you can become overly frustrated by others who do not value keeping their commitments the same as you.

Sometimes others may incorrectly pre-judge you as cold and aloof but this is not your intention. You are most often very focussed on your work and more interested in quality performance.

Also, sometimes your hard work and efforts can go unnoticed because you are most often not self-promoting of your accomplishments. This is a rare example of when humility could potentially hold you back. Because you are uncomfortable promoting yourself, you may consider having a work friend or supervisor bring your accomplishment to the attention of upper management.

Your Income Potential

Your assessment reveals that when you are in positions of leadership you are decisive and you prefer to give clear commands. Your leadership qualities combined with your personality strengths match you with several careers. One of these matched careers paid $229,380 last year in the USA. This puts your income potential over 3 times higher than the average American income last year. Your full report covers this in more detail.

Your Best Career Choices

CareerFitter used scientifically-proven algorithms developed by leading psychologists to analyze eight major aspects of your work personality. CareerFitter matched you to 31 specific careers in 6 career fields that fit your work personality best. These careers are among the careers offering you the highest potential for success. Several of these careers that matched you have links to career videos, helping you learn what to expect on the job.

Your full report consists of 16 report segments about you with more details about your optimal work environment, preferred management style, and moreFind more details below about these segments below.

As a bonus, your full report includes a list of famous people with work personalities similar to yours.

Millions of people and universities have trusted the science of CareerFitter over the last 19 years for insight into their work personality strengths. CareerFitter helps you find your purpose by narrowing the search for the career perfect for you.

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