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The CareerFitter Career Test has assessed your work personality using scientific and social science research. Your results indicate you are a “natural-born leader”. You are passionate about excellence and you work hard to attain the high standards and goals you set for yourself. Although you don’t always seek out leadership, your uncompromising dedication makes you highly respected and admired among your peers, which often puts you in leadership roles. You have the rare ability to see the “big picture” as well as the fine details; this combination of vision and plan for execution draws people to you and inspires confidence and motivation.


  • Your motivation is intrinsic, inspired by your personal high standards, rather than outside rewards.
  • You are highly organized and able to manage a team or project very fluidly, with minimal wasted time or resources.
  • You have excellent attention to detail and value productivity, efficiency, and results.
  • Although you are uncompromising in your standards, you have a genuine concern for others; this inspires people to do their best for you.
  • You are confident in your capabilities, without being arrogant or seeking praise.
  • You are not content to rest on your laurels; you constantly make efforts to improve your performance and achieve higher results.

In general, you tend to be driven, analytical, trustworthy, realistic, caring, positive, responsible, and even-tempered.

Careerfitter discusses more of your strengths in your Full Career Report.

Potential Weakness

Your assessment indicates you may struggle with authority, particularly if they appear to have less knowledge or competence than you do. You are rarely complimented as being a “patient listener”. This is mostly because you are often the most qualified person in the room to diagnose and solve an issue. CareerFitter discusses more your potential weakness in your Full Career Report.

Income Potential

Your leadership abilities make you an ideal candidate for management and executive positions. Based on the careers that fit you best, your income potential is an impressive 135% higher than the United States national average. One career that fits you paid an average salary of $305,737 last year. 


Best Career Choices

CareerFitter has used scientifically-proven algorithms developed by leading psychologists to analyze thousands of career fields, then narrowed the results to the 14 specific careers in 4 career fields that fit you best.

CareerFitter has generated your list of careers that are the best fit for your work personality, assessed eight major aspects of your career personality, and calculated 16 report segments within your 10-page Full Career Report.

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